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Quick and dirty little LIPO battery tester. Just plug into your LIPO's balancing connector and this will automatically detect the number of cells, and then scroll thru and display each individual cells voltage and then display the overall voltage of the whole pack. Good for 2 cell - 6 cell packs. Reverse polarity protection so you can not wreck it if you plug it in wrong. Price $6.00 each

T-PLUS connectors. same as Deans connectors and are interchangable. 2 sets per bag and heat shrink tubing. Price $3.00 per pack

MINI/MICRO T connectors. Same as Deans connectors and are interchangable. 2 sets per bag. Price $3.00 per pack

ec2 connector sets. 2 male and 2 females. Price $2.00 ec3 connector set,1 male and 1 female $2.00 ec5 connector set, 1 male and 1 female Price $3.00

Pre-wired JST connector sets. 2 male and 2 female. Price $4.00

2 - 8 cell Lipo tester and alarm.Simple set the low voltage alarm from 2.7v - 3.8v and this will monitor each cell of your battery pack and sound a piercing alarm if any cell voltage drops below that voltage. Leave this on the battery during flight.Simple to use and move from pack to pack. Price $8.00 each

10 feet of 80# nylon coated Pull-Pull wire with crimps. Price $5.00

DU-BRO 1/4" Ball Links . American 4-40 size hardware needed (not included), NOT METRIC SIZE FROM CHINA. Can be used right handed or left handed. Price $10.00 for 8pack

I carry the full line of SWB aluminum double lock servo arms and all SWB products offered from his website ( The most common, 1.25" half arm - $10.00, 1.50" half arm - $12.00. Save money and combine shipping with all your other needs.

XT60 connector set. 1 male and 1 female $2.00 XT90 connector set 1 male and 1 female $3.00

#11 razor blades, 100 pack, made in USA. Price $15.00

JST XH Adaptor/Charge Board 2s-6s. $5.00

Bulk servo wire. 22awg, 60 strand wire, Futaba or JR colors. Make your own custom lengths. 25 foot rolls. Price $15.00 a roll

Servo connector ends. Futaba or JR style. 5 male and 5 female sets per bag. Price $5.00 per bag

Crimper for Servo connectors. Price $17.50

Dremel Sanding Drum Mandals 1/4" and 1/2" with 2 sanding drums. $3.00

4" Magnetic Parts Bowl. Perfect size for your flight box. Don't drop small screws or nuts in the grass while making field repairs ever again. $5.00

Sanding Drums 1/4" or 1/2" 5 per pack $3.00

Glow Plug Cap. For use in your own auto glow ignitor system. $5.00

Remote Glow Ignitor system. Mount the gold glow plug to side of fuse and run wires to the engine ground and glow plug. Plug your glow plug driver onto side of fuse and ignite your glow plug. $11.00

Hand Fuel Pump GAS or GLOW. $11.00

HD Spider Charge Cord $10.00

Electric Fuel Pump 12v GLOW ONLY $16.00

Banana Plug Set. $2.00

Rapid Tac 4oz spray bottle. Check out the Rapid Tac page for more info. Enough for about 2-3 50cc planes. Price $6.00