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Robert Spicer's Wild Hare

David Poe's...bling bling bling bling bling Sunglasses required !!!!

Rick Stanton's 58" Extra

Dave Burgin from England...Nice lookin Cap

R.I.P. Once was Daniel Mullen's...NOT NO MORE !!!

Mike Miller's AeroWorks Pitts

The dog, the plane, the truck, and yes, the graphic in the window...Priceless

Thomas Wood's MOJO 60

Chris Maier's EF Yak

Mike Lundstrom's pride and joy..Paint Masks by BadBrad

Rich Fabbre's CB Hobbies Extra

Lee Morey and Team JR with his Hangar 9 Extra

Cliff "Straubman" Majercsik........

......some guys just love their beer !!!

Greg Davis' FocusII...before.....

.....and after

....and After !!!!

Dan Sanborn's Pride and Joy

David Borko's QQ Pitts...Sweet !!!

Rodney Roger...Make up your mind..... you want the old scheme or the new one ???

another view.

Ron Ash's 3D Hobby Extra 300.....

Scott Fomby's AeroWorks Extra 260 can you say AWSUM !!!

Custom built by Brian Deis

Thomas Langehorst's 50cc AeroWorks